Boa constrictor left in hotel room causes a stir in Asheville


Police say a 5-foot boa constrictor was found in an Asheville hotel room Monday afternoon.

Christina Hallingse, of the Asheville Police Department, said a housekeeper went into the room to clean and discovered the snake half under the sheets. Hotel staff called animal control, who transferred them to 911, according to a report from our sister station WLOS.

Neil Miller explained he was visiting a friend when he "accidentally" left Chuck, his 3-year old Colombian red tail boa constrictor, in the room.

"I set him down for two minutes and forgot about him, walked out," Miller said.

He rushed to the Buncombe County Animal Shelter to retrieve the snake.

"I was terrified," Miller said, upon realizing he'd left his "son" behind.

Miller said he commonly carries his snake on his shoulders.

"His temperament is good. I hold him all the time and pick him up," Miller said.

The Asheville Police Department said no one was injured by the snake.