High-tech camp out: ETSU hosting robotics camp for area students

(PHOTO: T. Davis / WCYB)

Children from our area are away at camp this week, but it's not your typical getaway experience of swings by the lake and nature hikes. These are high-tech campers.

Students from local middle and high schools are attending a 3-D printing and robotics advanced code camp at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City. Participants are working in teams of two to program and operate the robots.

That code will tell the robot how to think and move. The instructor says it's a way to get the 21 students exposure to coding, opening a gateway to potential jobs in computer programming.

"The benefits is they get to learn a little bit about problem solving, there's math, there's teamwork definitely they actually this week is about teamwork and programming together. their developing the robot on a team and working together to code it," said camp director Matthew Desjardins.

At the end of the week, the campers will be able to take parts of the robot with them so they can continue learning.