Hurricane gas prices impact Labor Day travel

PHOTO: Samantha Zarek

TENNESSEE-VIRGINIA STATE LINE - Hurricane Harvey may have hit Texas, but the rest of the nation is feeling the impact as well, through the increase of gas prices.

"Oh skyrocket! Yes, unfortunately it skyrocketed...the price of gas," says traveler George Trotter.

"Ours jumped like 30 cents in a was like $2.09 one morning and then it went straight up to like $2.16," says traveler Carol Lewis.

George Trotter is traveling through to Pigeon Forge with a group from Pennsylvania.

"Gas prices seem to be the same almost as it is in Philadelphia, I think we're a little higher. I think our gas prices when we left was at $2.63 I believe, and I think around here is around $2.50," Trotter says.

Carol Lewis and her family are headed home to North Carolina after traveling to Kentucky for a family reunion. Like Trotter, she hasn't noticed a gas price fluctuation, but high prices in general.

"So far they've been relatively the same, they're like $2.69, $2.70 from Goldsboro all the way up," she says.

Both Lewis and Trotter says the roads have been quieter than usual this holiday weekend...a possible result of the high gas prices.