KY jail bans all drugs after five suspects arrested for smuggling


Five people are accused of conspiring to smuggle an opioid prescription drug into a Kentucky jail, leading to the jail's reinstatement of a ban on outside prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Simpson County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Eddie Lawson told The Daily News of Bowling Green that two women are accused of illegally obtaining Suboxone and concealing it in an over-the-counter analgesic bottle to be given to 28-year-old Daniel Watkins, who had been medically approved to receive the analgesic. Lawson says he started investigating while listening to jail phone calls involving another case. Lawson said Watkins received the drugs the night of Sept. 22 and either used or destroyed it before a cell search. Watkins and two other inmates, 28-year-old Michael Whitney and 32-year-old Kenneth Biggs, were charged Sunday with first-degree promoting contraband and engaging in organized crime. Whitney's sister, 26-year-old Melissa Whitney, is accused of taking the drugs into the jail and was charged Saturday with the same offenses. A warrant has been issued for 25-year-old Amanda Farris for the same charges, as well as first-degree wanton child endangerment. Farris is accused of having her infant child in the car while the drugs were being delivered to the jail.