Nate by the Numbers


Hurricane Nate was another in the long list of hurricanes to form during the 2017 hurricane season.

Nate was the 15th named storm during the 2017 season (Ophelia, which formed 10/9/17 was the 16th) and the 9th hurricane. Nate's maximum intensity was 90 mph when it was over the Gulf. Lowest measured pressure by the Hurricane Hunters was 981 mb.

The 2017 season will go down as one of the top 10 most active in history. However, when compared to 2005, it looks calm. 2005 saw 28 named storms. So many in fact we had to go to the Greek Alphabet to start naming storms because we ran out of names! We're actually pretty close to 2016 so far in terms of numbers, but remember we still have all of October and November to go in the season.

While Nate's impacts were not as serious as Irma, Harvey and Maria across the United States, it still packed a punch. The lowest pressure measured in the US was 985.7 mb at Kessler AFB (ironically, the base where the Hurricane Hunters are based) with a gust of 70 mph at the same location. It made 2 landfalls in the US, one in LA and one in MS.

Locally, Nate brought much needed rainfall to our area. The highest totals were reported in the NC high country where upslope flow and thunderstorm activity helped add to the totals. Other totals were in the 1-3" range across TN and VA.

Nate also brought tornadoes to North Carolina and South Carolina. Our friends in western NC had to deal with a potentially tornadic storm late Sunday which triggered a Tornado Warning for Ashe, Watauga and Wilkes county. According to our research and data from, the tornado warning for Watauga County was the first one issued in history. Note that Watauga County has recorded tornadoes in the past, just no warnings..

Here's the tally of warnings now including yesterday's.

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