BCM celebrates 90th anniversary of Bristol Sessions


It's been 90 years since the first Bristol Sessions was recorded.

Friday night kicked off a weekend-long anniversary celebration at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. The creator of the legendary Bristol Sessions is record executive, Ralph Peer.

His son, Ralph Peer II, was one of the special guests at the museum's event. News 5 also talked to the daughters of Ernest Stoneman. He's the man credited with bringing Peer to our region.

"Mr. Peer was supposed to go to Georgia and do this in Georgia," Roni Stoneman said. "But daddy said no. That's not the place to go. He said there's an abundance of talent in these mountains. And he said you must come to Bristol!"

"If one stops to think about it, it's quite an event that 90 years on, we'd be talking about a group of recording sessions," Ralph Peer II said. "That doesn't happen very often."

On Saturday, July 15, there will be a symposium featuring Ralph Peer II, Barry Mazor and the producers of the PBS documentary American Epic. That will be at the BCM museum from 2-7 p.m.

To keep the celebration going, from July 25-30, admission to the BCM museum will be just 90-cents.