Bristol, Va. needs to build new animal shelter


Bristol, Virginia needs to build a new animal shelter.

Right now, stray animals in the city are taken to Jones Animal Hospital in Bristol, Tennessee. But that contract is ending on November 1st.

So for now, the city will ask nearby shelters to house its animals temporarily, while city leaders look at plans to build a new one.

Interim City Manager Randall Eads said the cost of a new shelter could range from $90,000 up to half a million dollars. On top of that, Eads expects the annual operating cost to be around $80,000. He said the city will need to hire at least two people to work there.

"This is not going to be a revenue generating endeavor," Eads said. "It's going to be an expense from Day 1. I don't anticipate recuperating 100% of the cost in regards to this. And it's just an expense that's mandated by the state that we have to absorb."

We asked Eads how the city plans to pay for this. He said city leaders will need to start budgeting for it, this upcoming year. Eads added the ideal shelter will be able to house at least 10 dogs and 15 cats.