Ceremony honors female veterans at Mountain Home National Cemetery


There was a Memorial Day ceremony to honor female veterans in Johnson City.

The event was organized by the Women's Action Group and the Mountain Home National Cemetery.

There are 132 women buried at Mountain Home. As part of Monday's ceremony, people placed a carnation at each woman's grave.

News 5 met Sara Sellers from Carter County. She served in the Air Force for 30 years. She said she's touched to be part of a ceremony that honors our fallen female veterans.

"I'm so thankful. This is precious, so precious," Sellers said. "This is so touching." "Most of us when we think of a veteran, we think of an old man in a wheelchair," Terryl Rock with the Women's Action Group said. "And that's not always the case. So we wanted to show special recognition for women and their bravery and sacrifice."

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