Couple Close To Moving In To New Home

GLADE SPRING, Va. - Even though the destruction has been massive in the many communities hit by the storms, it is always the positives and progress that keeps hope alive after an event like this.

After the tornado hit Glade Spring we met many of people with so many different stories about what happened to them, their families and their homes.

The last time we saw Richard Beckham was a few days after the tornado, standing in front of his missing kitchen wall. "When the wall went that way, out onto the deck, the cabinets came this way," he explained. "We had to push the cabinets out of the way to get out of the kitchen."

Beckham's back wall and roof were scattered over the field behind his home. It disappeared as he and his wife were passing through the kitchen trying to get to safety in the basement.

His wife is in a wheelchair and he had to quickly find an alternate safe place. "I just jammed her into this pantry right here and came in behind her," he said. "At that time, just as soon as I got in there, the roof and the wall and all of that went."

At that moment he says the force of the storm was so much that he and his wife thought they would never survive. "We said our goodbyes then," he told us.

Now a year later, the Beckhams have rebuilt their home on the same foundation as the old one. "We salvaged the foundation. So everything from the foundation up had to be completely redone, completely rebuilt from scratch," he said.

On the tornado anniversary date, the Beckhams will move back into their home.

As to how they survived the twister that night, Beckham says there is no doubt. "That was God's will, that's all there is to it. It was just a blessing."

The Beckhams have seen some of their neighbors move on, not wanting to rebuild because of the bad memories of the storms. As for the Beckhams, they look forward to just getting back home.

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