Democrat, fellow OBGYN running against Phil Roe for congressional seat


At Tuesday night's meet and greet with Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Karl Dean, was the democrat running for Phil Roe's seat in Congress.

Just like Congressman Roe, Martin Olsen is also an OBGYN. Olsen has never served in public office. Meanwhile, Congressman Roe is currently serving his fifth term in Congress.

Olsen said while they are both doctors, they have opposing views on health care.

"Well the biggest difference, the thing that inspired me to consider a run in politics, was the potential loss of health care for 22 million Americans," Olsen said. "And I see patients in my office that can't get better because they're sick and they can't get a job because they're sick. And they can't get health insurance because they don't have a job. And so they're in this terrible spiral."

Election day for this congressional race is in November 2018.

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