Greene County police searching for escapee


GREENE COUNTY, Tenn - A Greene County jail escapee is still on the run after breaking out of the jail workhouse on Sunday.

Timothy Crisp escaped by scaling a drainage pipe, climbing onto the roof, and then running away on foot.

Police tracked Crisp for about a quarter of a mile until they lost his scent.

"We tracked him from the workhouse all the way to Holston Drive, where we found his shirt and pants," said Sheriff Pat Hankins. "Then the trail just went dead. The dogs didn't track it any further. We believe at this time that the inmate got into a vehicle and left the area."

This is the fourth escape in Greene County in recent months.

The previous three escapes involved inmates walking off work details.

This one, the sheriff calls a "true escape."

"This guy, he was just a very good climber," Said the sheriff.

Hankins reviewed the security footage and found the officer working at the time followed the correct protocol, and did nothing wrong.

But some local residents want more security.

"There should be more K-9 dogs than what we have right now. There should be a K-9 dog on duty at all times at the workhouse," said resident Judy Greene.

John Price works downtown and is also on edge.

"I hate that he's loose, I'd like to see him taken in," said Price. "Maybe the criminals are thinking since there's been so many escapes, that if they get put in Greene County, they can get loose too. We need to stop that."

The sheriff said he is in talks with a fencing company to cover the recreation area so this won't happen again.

Crisp was in jail on theft charges.

He is not believed to be a danger to the public.

Authorities believe he may be headed towards Kingsport since he is originally from that area.

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