Greeneville to start work on dog park, disc golf course


GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - A new disc golf course and dog park are coming to our region. The 33-acre park will go on top of an old landfill in Greeneville that has been closed since the early '70s.

"We're just basically taking a piece of property that you really can't do a lot with and making a recreational facility out of it," Parks and Recreation Director Butch Patterson said. "(It's) kind of family oriented and folks can go and enjoy and be able to use (it)."

Three acres will be used for the dog park, 2 acres for large dogs, one for small dogs. The remainder of the land will be the disc golf course.

The park is currently in the design phase. Greeneville has allotted $50,000 to the project. They're also looking for a sponsor.

Patterson says the park should open by the spring of next year.