Hawkins County girl raises money for student lunches


HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - Incoming 6th grader, Myka Coward, is selling lemonade to raise money for students without lunches.

She's doing this so no student will experience what she once did.

"My mom forgot lunch money for me one day when I was in elementary school and they gave me a bagged lunch and took my other lunch away. What was in the bag lunch was a cheese sandwich and a pack of crackers, there was no drink... then I had an idea: I think we should give money to the cafeteria to make sure nobody else gets a bag lunched." Myka explained.

This is the fourth year Myka is selling lemonade.

Her first year, she made $46.

Last year, she made $600.

This year, she made roughly $700!

"Our community is a wonderful community. Everyone has come out to support her and it helped teach her that her community is there to stand by you." Myka's mom, Randa Sturgill, said.

The impact of Myka's work is felt strongly by her peers.

"I've never told her this, but she actually kind of helped me. If she had donated to the high school, she would have helped my brother too, because my brother went 5 days without eating because he didn't have money on his account." Said Myka's friend, Mallorie Kenner.

Hawkins County has 18 schools. Eight of those schools have special meal plans for students who need assistance.

"The donations are really helpful, that if someone is struggling or having a difficult time, that it can help with those charges at a particular school." Said Steve Starnes, the Hawkins County Director of Schools.

Myka's community service has also inspired her younger sister to follow in her footsteps. Her sister started a toy drive that's held during the holiday season.

If you'd like to learn more about Myka's work, you can check out her Facebook page, Myka's Lemonade for Lunches.

You can also check out her PayPal here.