Local woman changed her life, now she's inspiring others with lifestyle blog


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - If you're looking for a New Year inspiration, one local woman could be just that. 60-year-old Susan Street changed her life and now she's helping other women her age do the same.

"I think it would have been really easy to just say, 'oh I'm old now' and accept that," said Street.

Five years ago street decided enough was enough, she was facing numerous health problems, from high blood pressure to diabetes. Most of all she was unhappy, she said even getting out of the house was difficult.

"I would be so frustrated I would have to go put my makeup on again, because literally I would break out in tears," said Street. "Sometimes I would just stay I'm not going, I'm just not going to go because I can't deal with this."

She turned her life around by changing her diet and exercise, then she dropped 45 pounds, and said she's never going back.

"I have more energy and I feel better now, both psychologically and physically, than I did when I was in my 30's," said Street.

Now she's inspiring others with her health and lifestyle blogs, it all started with her 'Fifty Not Frumpy' blog that has 6 million views from people across the world.

When she turned sixty this year she made 'Susan After 60' and it's already generating thousands of views. She has dozens of comments from people on her posts, saying how much she's inspired them.

People just like 66-year-old Rose Sorrell.

This time last year Sorrell used a cane to walk, she had to give up her job, and she was battling depression.

"Would look at the people around me and thought how come," said Sorrell. "How come they're out enjoying their life and I'm not."

Tears filled Sorrell's eyes, she said thanks to Street and her blog, she found a way out of the darkness. She said most of all she wanted to feel better for her granddaughter.

"To not miss the things that I have missed," said Sorrell. "I've missed a lot of things, and I don't want to miss anything else."

Sorrell said street's blog encourages women by saying just because you're getting older doesn't mean it's over.

If you would like to check out Susan Street's blogs, the links are below:

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