More guns, ammo found in house of Washington County man, under arrest


Neighbors were forced to leave their homes for more than six hours, while investigators searched the home of Scott Edmisten.

On Monday, News 5 reported Edmisten was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Washington County, Tennessee. That's when deputies found several weapons, including semi-automatic rifles without serial numbers, converted to fully automatic, along with 900 rounds of ammunition. Edmisten was arrested.

On Tuesday, deputies got a tip that Edmisten had even more guns and possibly explosives in his house, prompting an evacuation of the neighborhood.

After hours of searching, investigators did not find any explosives. But sheriff Ed Graybeal said they did recover four more guns, one of which was altered to be fully automatic.

Tanya is just one of several, who eagerly waited to get back inside her house. She was forced to evacuate for more than six hours.

"I just changed my clothes and came right back out," she said.

Right across the street, investigators from the sheriff's department and federal agencies including the DEA, ATF and FBI took a close look at the house where Edmisten and his mother live.

"He lived in the basement of the house," the sheriff said. "She lived upstairs so they didn't have a lot of contact."

Sheriff Graybeal said he does not believe Edmisten's mother knew what her son was hiding downstairs.

"She was taking care of him, he had no job," Graybeal said.

Investigators found four guns, one of which had been altered to be fully automatic, along with boxes of ammo. When we told Tanya what police found, she was shocked.

"You don't know what people are thinking in their minds," she said. But she said Edmisten has always been friendly.

"We don't know them, but neighbors -- you say hey, you borrow a ladder," she said. And she added that he even offered to help the neighborhood.

"He would call or text my daughter and say if anybody needed their car washed, bring them up here," she said. "Just to stay busy, do stuff."

But the sheriff said he's not as surprised.

"We just didn't take any chances at all," Graybeal said. "We can't afford to take chances."

And right now, his focus is on finding Edmisten's motive.

"He's not talking to us so we're unable to say anything to him, really," Graybeal said.

Sheriff Graybeal added the only thing on Edmisten's criminal record is driving on a suspended license. But the sheriff said he was aggressive toward deputies, while being arrested. Edmisten will be in court, next week.

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