MUST WATCH: Race car drivers clash and crash...then one gets shocked by police

(PHOTO: R. Chalfant / YouTube)

For those new to the sport of auto racing, the drivers' temper can flare inside the car during some rough laps. This incident at Anderson Speedway in Indiana is a glaring example.

According to information published on the track's website, drivers Jeff Swinford and Shawn Cullen were racing for position in a Figure-8 feature where Cullen was on the pole Saturday night.

Swinford was spun out and decided to retaliate by confronting Cullen. He revs his engine, throws up his hands in disgust and then drives his car upon the hood of Cullen's race car in the video used by News 5 with permission of the owner Rhonda Chalfant.

Cullen then exits his car and starts assaulting Swinford, until a police officer comes from the spectator section and uses a stun gun to bring Cullen down to the track surface.

Anderson Police Maj. Joel Sandefur told the Associated Press on Monday that the wreck and fight weren't staged. He did not have information on the charges for the drivers who could be seen in handcuffs while being taken away from the track.

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