Poll: slim majority of Americans support "suspending immigration from 'terror-prone' regions"


While we're seeing millions of people hit the street across the country to protest President Trump's 'immigration ban,' is there a silent majority that supports Trump's actions?

A recent nationwide poll says 'Yes.' According to the Quinnipiac Poll released on Monday, by a slim majority, Americans support suspending immigration.

Rallies continue across the country against President Trump's travel ban. Here in the Tri-Cities, John Baker is just one of dozens ready to march.

"Banning Muslims, building a wall - all of these hateful, divisive things do not build a country together," Baker said. "When we see freedoms, rights and privileges being taken away from people, just because of skin color or belief system, we have to say, 'No. That's not America.'"

News 5 also spoke to the President of the Muslim Community of Northeast Tennessee. He said there are about 800 Muslims in our region.

"Right now, I think there's mass confusion, fear about traveling anywhere," Taneem Aziz said.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., the president and federal leaders continue to defend the executive order.

According to a recent nationwide poll, 48% to 42% of American voters support "suspending immigration from 'terror prone' regions, even if it means turning away refugees."

And 53% to 41% support "requiring immigrants from Muslim countries to register with the federal government."

Those numbers don't surprise ETSU professor, Dr. Daryl Carter.

"There are the vast majority of Americans who never attend a protest, never go out and act out in that way," Dr. Carter said.

So rather than hit the streets, many people express their views through other outlets like social media.

"I think there's some fear from those who support what the president is doing that they will be criticized at work or socially," Dr. Carter said.

But protestors like John Baker said they won't remain silent. And he has a message for the Muslim community.

"We will stand for you," Baker said. "We are here if someone comes after you. We're going to be right here in front of them. This is a land of immigrants. That's what built our great nation."

"People have left us flowers at our door, notes of support," Aziz said. "We've never seen support like this before."

There will be a rally against Trump's travel ban in Johnson City at the intersection of State of Franklin and University Parkway on Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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