Racial slur vandalized on Johnson City woman's vehicle


A shocking discovery on a Johnson City woman's vehicle. The woman was taking her kids to daycare, when she found her new car vandalized with a racial slur.

"It was heart crushing," Elaine McClaine said. It was a normal Monday morning for Elaine McClaine. Normal until outside her apartment complex on Nathaniel Drive she found her new car scratched with a racial slur. "So proud to get the vehicle. I was so proud of myself," she said.

She still has to drive this vehicle around with the racial slur on it, including bringing her kids to daycare.

"Now I am embarrassed to be driving around because I have this racial slur on the side of my vehicle. The fact that I have to drive around with that kind of hurts me it really does," she said. Johnson City Police Captain Matt Howell called it an apparent isolated incident and rare. He said police are pursuing leads.

"We are taking it very seriously. We have assigned an investigator for follow up," Howell said. Plus, authorities also plan extra patrols in the neighborhood. McClain said she doesn't have any idea who would do it, but to her, it says racism persists. "They're like it's not here it wouldn't happen here it. It wouldn't happen in a little town. As you can see, here we are," she said.

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