Second Greene County inmate escapes in less than a week


Two inmates have escaped from work details in Greene county in less than a week. The latest, Charles Lawson was spotted but got away again. the truck, that Sheriff Pat Hawins says he spray painted black, was recovered. Last week, deputies say Rex Allen Gray walked away from the county jail workhouse and took off on a bicycle. So in the span of less than a week, two inmates have walked off work details and are still on the run. "You just never know what's running through their mind and causes them to do something like this," he said. Lawson was not under the supervision of a sheriff's deputy, rather a recreation maintenance worker was in charge of the work detail. Butch Patterson is director of the recreation department.

"The bottom line is we're just going to have to be more aware of the opportunity they have to possibly do this," Patternson said. The sheriff said it may be time to beef up security or make other changes in the work release program... "It may be that we have to end up and cut back to just the people that is watched by our officers," Hankins said. Despite what's happened, he says the program is beneficial for inmates and is also financially beneficial to the county. "You don't learn a whole lot sitting inside of a jail cell for a year. If you're out working on a crew at least you hopefully learn some. And they get out and perform better and make productive citizens," Hankins said. "You take the people going on on average 65 people a day, working 96 hours, that works out to be a $1,200,000, a little over that, it saves the county," he said. The other inmate working alongside Lawson told the supervisor he took the truck.

"I appreciate the fact that the other inmate could've said nothing. The other inmate could've jumped in the vehicle as well. He did the right thing and he let our maintenance guy know hey he's taken the vehicle," Patterson said. Lawson could face additional jail time if he's caught and convicted. He's also lost the privilege to be on work detail for 10 years.

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