Tennessee House passes local lawmakers bill allowing loaded guns on boats


A local Tennessee lawmaker's bill could allow legal gun owners to bring loaded firearms onto their boats.

The bill was just approved by the House last week, and is sponsored by Tennessee State Representative for the Sixth District in Jonesborough, Micah Van Huss.

It expands on a current law allowing people to have loaded guns and ammunition in their cars. If approved it will mean they can do the same on the water.

State Representative for the Second District in Sullivan County, Bud Hulsey, voted to approve the bill, he said right now the current law is unclear.

"Folks had got several different answers from several different law enforcement agencies including TWRA on what the process is and is this okay," said Hulsey.

Hulsey is a former police officer and said the problem isn't legal gun owners, he said he believes everyone has the right to defend themselves whether they're on land or water.

"Representative Van Huss brought up two different cases last year in Tennessee where robberies at gun point took place at boat ramps," said Hulsey.

The new bill doesn't apply to government or private boats that have restrictions on letting firearms on board. It passed the House last week, now it's up to the Senate to decide if it will become law.