The Advertising Pyramid


The advertising pyramid is a great way to put your advertising strategy in perspective.

The advertising pyramid consists of the five following components:

1. Awareness - it is important for every commercial to grab the consumers attention; however, depending on where you are in the sales cycle will decide how much your spot must focus simply on grabbing attention. For example, if you are a new business it is critical that you focus the launch of your branding campaign towards grabbing viewer's attention and gaining brand awareness.

2. Interest - Once you have people's attention, you have to grab their interest. A very bad song on the radio will grab my attention...but it won't hold my interest for long. Interest is about extolling your product/service virtues in a way that is relevant to the consumer. During this phase, it is often helpful to ask yourself "so what?" For example, "I have great service." So what? "Well, I go above and beyond!" So what? "When a customer needs (place product/service here) and they get bad customer service, it can cost them thousands of dollars!" OH! Now you have my interest.

3. Credibility - If you have a consumers attention, and their interest, you need to SHOW that you're credible. Again, it depends on which stage of the sales cycle you find yourself in. If you are still growing, credibility through client testimonials, guarantees, or promoting awards is a great way to let people know they can trust your business.

4, Desire - The next two steps are about getting the customer to your place of business. Desire is where an advertising strategy will focus on "means-end theory" which focuses on life benefits to using your product or service.

5. Action! - This is where all business owners want to start, but this action is the culmination of a lot of hard work and focused advertising strategy. As much as we wish it were otherwise, customers aren't going to consume your product because you ask them (or beg them) to. The process described in the previous four steps is about building a brand so when you call consumers to action, (or its time for them to make a purchase) they think of you! Promoting a sale, special event, etc. is a great call to action - but beware! These types of promotions are meaningless unless you have built a solid brand.

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