Thousands watch fireworks show at South Holston Lake


The sky lit up above South Holston Lake, Monday night.

Thousands came out to see the popular fireworks show, put on each year by the owner of Lake View dock.

When the sun is up, the lake is calm. But once the sun sets, South Holston turns into a theater.

"The fireworks over the water -- it reflects on the water so everything you see in the sky, you see in the water," Dan Thomas said. "All the noise you hear reflects off the mountains."

News 5 met the man behind the big show. John Slagle said he got the idea from another boater, decades ago.

"It was a small boat you know, light up a couple in the front," Slagle said. "That was in the '80's and we've been doing it ever since."

Each year, Slagle said the show gets bigger and bigger. He and his team start planning in April. And they've built special equipment to launch more than 1,000 fireworks, making for quite the sight.

For many families, Fourth of July on the lake has become a tradition.

"We open the house boat up and we never know whose going to show up," Greer Pendley said. "Just have a lot of food, that's all I can say!"

Many spending the entire day on the water, staking out the best spot to see the show.

"I love seeing that many boats out there," Slagle said. "To me, it's exciting seeing that many people enjoying what we have."

Boaters said it's not just about the fireworks, it's about the people too.

"We just bought the boat next door so we're looking forward to meeting them, seeing the fireworks and becoming more part of the South Holston community," Jamie Hunigan said.

"The fireworks, add the people, add everything else -- it's just indescribable," Thomas said.

A spectacular show - to remember an historic day in our nation's history.

"This is what it's all about," Richard Pendleton said. "Our birthday - Fourth of July! We need to celebrate it."