TN bill to protect low-income people from exploitative lottery ads


New proposed legislation in Nashville seeks to protect low income Tennesseans from predatory lottery ads. The bill's author, state representative Andy Holt, suggests some Tennessee Lottery commercials target the economically vulnerable.

The law would set up an independent commission to vet all lottery ads. The goal is to prevent commercials from encouraging viewers to buy tickets instead of necessities.

News 5 talked to state representative Matthew Hill about the bill. He said he doesn't think it's viable the way it's written.

"I think there needs to be more clarification and it sounds like there could possibly be an amendment coming to maybe clarify some of the language," Hill said, "because we don't want anyone to be unfairly targeted but at the same time the lottery corporation has the right to advertise their product."

The bill will go before the house floor, for debate in the next few weeks.

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