Trump supporters and protesters rally in downtown Abingdon


ABINGDON, Va. - Freedom of speech was in action on the streets of Abingdon on Monday. Dozens of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered downtown, and a group of protesters showed up to also make their voices heard.

One side of Abingdon's busy West Main Street was lined with trump supporters, and the other side of the street was lined with protestors sharing their views.

Apart from some friendly debate, the rally was peaceful, and one focus was Obamacare. Many trump supporters said they want to see the Affordable Care Act repealed.

"I've seen what costs have gone up and how much they've gone up, 118% in Arizona and so on," SAID Trump supporter, Phyllis Marshall.

Many protestors said repealing the Affordable Care Act would have consequences on their healthcare. News Five did some checking and found out almost 28,000 people, in our area alone, were enrolled in Obamacare last year.

"If I lose Obamacare, all my medications will be more expensive," said protestor, Margaret Falin.

Gubernatorial hopeful Corey Stewart, a republican from Northern Virginia, rallied with Trump supporters. He favors leaving it up to each state to handle affordable health care.

"Design a new system by Virginians, for Virginians, that will be more efficient, less money on administration, more money for care, and a lot less expensive for the state," said Stewart.

Protestor Peggy Mathews said if a better plan is put forward for affordable healthcare, she would be all for it.

"Our own position is improve Obamacare," said Mathews. "There are things that need to be improved upon, but to take it way would be disastrous for this whole nation."

Both supporters and protestors seemed to agree the best outcome would be to replace not just to repeal Obamacare.