Unicoi County neighbors remember Ricky Price; still consider neighborhood 'safe'

(PHOTO: T. Bohner / WCYB)

News 5 had the only camera in the courtroom on Tuesday for the arraignment of a Unicoi County woman, accused of killing her boyfriend.

Ricina Patrick is accused of stabbing Ricky Price at his home, Monday. Investigators said it's still unclear what happened leading up to the stabbing.

In the courtroom, Patrick shook her head 'no' as the judge read the affidavit. According to court documents, "Patrick did intentionally and with premeditation kill Ricky Lynn Price by stabbing him several times with a knife..."

Patrick tried many times to tell her side of the story to the judge. But she will have to wait fo an attorney before making a formal plea. According to investigators, Patrick stabbed her boyfriend as his home on Tipton Street.

Court documents reveal, "The knife presumed to have been used in Price's murder was discovered inside 326 Tipton Street in a spare bedroom, under a jacket, on top of a pile of clothes."

Neighbors said Price was able to get away and made it to a neighbor's house to call 911. Unicoi County sheriff Mike Hensley said before he died, Price told the sheriff who stabbed him.

"Disgusted that this would happen right here for nothing," Heather Bowman said she was shocked when she heard the news. Bowman has known Price, and lived next to him, her entire life.

"He was a good guy. He was just truly a good guy," she said. "He would do anything to help anyone. He was a great mechanic. Everyone in town brought their cars to him."

Just down the street, the Riglers said they've never met either Price or Patrick. But they go for walk past his house all the time.

"Sorry it happened, I really am," neighbor Terry Rigler said. "I'm sorry for the young man. Sometimes places like that we'll stop and pray."

And the Riglers still consider this a safe place to live.

"We've never had a single problem here," Lee Rigler said. "We don't have neighborhood fights, you don't hear people arguing. It's quiet in the homes."

While investigators keep searching for answers, many neighbors are left wondering what happened behind those closed doors.

"Nobody knows what happened but them," Bowman said. "And Ricky's never going to be able to say his side of what happened and that's pretty disturbing."

As for Patrick, the judge has appointed her an attorney and kept her bond at $500,000. She's expected back in court on Thursday.

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