UPDATE: Detectives interview husband of 'killer clown' case suspect


The husband of 'killer clown' suspect Shelia Keen and former Kingsport restaurant owner Michael Warren was interviewed by police Wednesday in connection to the case, police said.

During a news conference held Thursday morning, officials said the former proprietor of the Purple Cow was questioned about details of the May 1990 murder of his then-wife Marlene Warren. They noted he has not been charged in the case.

Police reiterated that Michael Warren and Shelia Keen were having an affair at the time of Marlene Warren's death. Michael and Shelia did not marry until 2002.

"Both denied being involved in relationship at the time," said a detective at the briefing who also noted that Shelia Keen Warren had a "nonchalant" attitude at the time of her arrest when asked about Warren's smiling mugshot. Shelia Keen was taken into custody on Tuesday in Abingdon by officers with the Washington County, VA Sheriff's Office.

A grand jury returned an indictment against Shelia Warren for first-degree murder last month. The detective said that the suspect purchased the balloons given to the victim before her death at a Publix supermarket that was located just a mile from Warren's apartment.

State Attorney General Dave Aronberg said new DNA technology was key in breaking the 27-year-old cold case and linking Warren to the crime.

Investigators said Warren dressed as a clown and went to the home of Marlene and Michael Warren with two balloons and a flower arrangement. Eyewitnesses said Warren knocked on the door, presented the gifts to Marlene Warren and then shot her in the face and calmly walked back to a rented car and left the scene.

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