Update On Local Girl Attacked By E. coli

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - We have an update on the condition of a Five-year-old Abingdon girl who contracted one of the deadliest forms of E. coli.

Five-year-old Zoey Weaver is bright, engaging and can even spell her name. She has also endured a medical nightmare. Zoey loves to draw. She's at home with her grandmother after spending 25 days at Vanderbilt after contracting E. coli. It's not a disease but a bacteria that lives in the intestines of animals. Most E. coli can make you sick, but Zoey contracted one of deadliest strains. Her mother Rebecca feared the worst.

Rebecca Weaver: "the worst time was four or five days in, she was hemorrhaging, and the doctors were very concerned."

For 25 days Zoey battled the deadly invaders. Luckily she doesn't remember much about her ordeal, but she does remember this.

Zoey Weaver: "I had wires running from here to here." PJ: "Giving you medicine?" Zoey: "yes."

Rebecca Weaver still wonders how Zoey contracted E. coli in the first place. The whole ordeal has changed her forever.

Rebecca Weaver: "Hand sanitizer. We carry it everywhere. Washing everything."

As for little Zoey, she gets tired very easily, but that's okay, because that gives her more time to watch Barbie on the big TV.

Doctors are keeping a close eye on Zoey's kidneys. She'll visit a kidney specialist in Johnson City on Monday, but doctors are optimistic that she'll make a full recovery.

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