Victim's mother: 'Remember Emily's face, not the monster that did this'


The man accused of driving drunk and killing his passenger in a crash made his first appearance in court on Monday.

Police said Matthew Robinson crashed on State Route 81 in Washington County, Tennessee on October 15. The trooper who responded to the scene said he smelled alcohol on Robinson's breath and found several alcoholic containers at the scene.

Robinson was taken to the hospital unconscious. He was treated, but left before being charged. After a week on the run, Robinson was caught. He faces charges of vehicular homicide, DUI and driving on a revoked license, among others.

His passenger Emily Lipson died at the scene. Lipson's mother shared her daughter's story with News 5.

Stephanie Lipson said she got the news Robinson was captured, right after her daughter's funeral. While it doesn't change anything, she now looks forward to getting justice for Emily.

Stephanie Lipson holds back tears every time she hears her daughter sing. Emily recording a video just days before the crash.

"She had grand aspirations of being famous," Lipson said."She wanted to be a model, she sang, she acted."

But in the meantime, Lipson said her daughter was enjoying life as a 21-year-old. And she was dating Matthew Robinson, the man accused of driving drunk and killing her.

"The last conversation I had with her, I told her that mom's worry every time you go out the door," she said.

Lipson showed us the last text messages with her daughter before she got the harrowing call from police.

"I just wanted to know where she is," Lipson said. "And he said she's still on the scene. And so I knew she was gone."

After that, Lipson said everything was a blur.

"I just remember... I remember thinking my baby's gone," she said.

Now she holds on tight to pictures that remind her of her daughter's smiling face.

"I've never seen anyone with eyes like hers - they were golden-gray," Lipson said.

As for Robinson, Lipson said she will be at his trial.

"More than anything, I want him to remember every day for the rest of his life that she's not here," Lipson said. "And it's his fault. It's his fault."

She hopes that one day she can forgive him. But right now, she's overwhelmed with grief over a live cut short too soon.

"I would like people to remember Emily's face and not the face of that monster that did this," she said.

Robinson's bond was set at $110,000. His next court date is October 30th.