Vintage Model Ts tour the region


ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. - A flash back in time took place this afternoon in Rogersville. Fifty-six vintage Model T Fords took a tour of our region.

"It gives us a great venue to actually get the cars out," Tour Chairman Brent Terry said. "Most of these cars are 90- to 100-years-old, so they can't drive on the interstate. We find back roads for them to tour around and we use it as a good way to find interesting spots in the different parts of the country."

After leaving Greeneville in the morning, they made their way to Laurel Run Park and then by Amis Mill. They spent four hours there for car enthusiasts to take a peek on Main Street.

Young and old took time getting to sit in the vehicles and remember a time past.

The tour will travel up to 100 miles a day and also will have visits in Jonesborough and at the Gray Fossil Site.