Austin Fever, Catch It: Quirky antics, big bets help Jeopardy champion gain cult following

(PHOTO: SONY Pictures TV / Jeopardy!)

A New York City bartender's on-screen antics and big bets while competing on "Jeopardy!" are winning him cash to go along with a cult following. By the end of Thursday's show, Austin Rogers had won eight days in a row and more than $300,000. "Jeopardy!" says that total put him at fifth on the show's list of all-time regular season money winners. Rogers has done it while sporting wild hair and a bushy beard and making animated gestures after correct answers.

He's also making big wagers. Rogers won a whopping $34,000 bet on the show's "Final Jeopardy" segment Tuesday. Fans are singing his praises on Twitter by using the hashtag #AustinOnJeopardy. Rogers tells "Good Morning America" that the secret to his success is uncovering patterns in clues by watching hundreds of "Jeopardy!" episodes.

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