96 year-old man publishes first book on career in forensic meteorology


Bill Haggard is 96 years old, but age is only a number to this former meteorologist. Haggard has spent the last ten years writing his award-winning book, Weather in the Courtroom - Memoirs from a Career in Forensic Meteorology.

For thirty years, Bill served as an expert witness in many court cases. He wrote about 14 cases in his recent publication, in what he calls his "fun" experience as a forensic meteorologist. We asked him, "Why now, at the age of 96, did he publish the book?"

Simply put, Haggard said "I thought it was an interesting experience, and I wanted to share it."

Those that have read the book seem to agree, and no one agrees more than his great grandson William. William Wakely is a rising senior in Bristol, VA and his interest in the weather is fueled by his great grandfather's accomplishments in the courtroom.

"I was watching a documentary a few months ago about a plane crash that was caused by a microburst. I read the book and found out that my grandfather investigated that crash!" exclaimed Wakely.

We picked up a copy of our own, while visiting with Haggard in Asheville, North Carolina.

If you are interested in a copy of his award-winning book, here are a few ways to do that:

Barnes & Noble

Books A Million


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