Battle Buddies program creates lifelong relationships


Student leaders have started a new program to grow lasting relationships with younger generations. It's called Battle Buddies. Once a month John Battle High School's Future Business Leaders of America club travel to Valley Institute and are paired with an elementary school student. "It helps to set a good role model for them and have an impact on their lives that could help them in the future," Battle Buddy Andrew Bowers said. Kids are all smiles as they learn an important lesson, talk with their buddy, create unique handshakes, and make a craft. However, the program is really about the lifelong relationships buddies form. The whole mission is to give kids someone they can talk and look up to. "I learn a lot about caring and friendship," 3rd grader Kari Streit said. "I always look forward to having fun with them and getting to see them." You never know, maybe one day the little buddies will become just like the big ones. "We can inspire them to set high goals and dream big," Battle Buddy Claire Melton said. "Just to be themselves and develop that work ethic to be able to achieve their goals." The program has no intention of stopping here. The high school leaders we talked to told us they hope to expand and inspire other schools.