Elementary students see what it's like being an ETSU Buc


A group of kids in the Tri-Cities are getting a glimpse into what their lives could be like if they decide to pursue a college degree. News 5 spent the day with some students as they toured ETSU's campus and watched the lady Bucs basketball team get a win. "ETSU has all the gadgets," first grader Shy Cable said. "It's the coolest college." Even though they're only in elementary school, teachers say it's never to early to start thinking about your future. "We've already heard many of them saying I want to come here, so it's just a place that we love and we encourage our children to look at ETSU first," Central Elementary School Teacher Dr. Dawn Taylor said. Hundreds of students from K-8th grades were at the event. They told us this day is a way to see if ETSU is the right fit for them. "It's nice to be able to view it and see how it looks because I would like to come here for college," eighth grader McKenzie Phillips said. This day was all made possible through ETSU's education day.

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