Enjoying record high heat in February


Temperatures in the Tri-Cities hit a record high Friday, making this February one of the hottest ever. Many people were taking advantage of the sunny skies by heading to the park or playing a round of disc golf. "Who thought it would be 75 degrees in February," Grat Correll said. "We decided to take the day off and come out here to spend some time as a family playing disc golf because we don't get to do it in the winter very often." It feels more like May than February, but don't let the sight of flowers blooming fool you, we still have March and it can be unpredictable! "March is a wild card," our StormTrack 5 meteorologist David Boyd said. "We've seen all kinds of weather during the month of March. We've had a blizzard, we've had lots of sunshine, so it's really hard to say for sure. Just get outside and enjoy the warm days, but know we will have some more ups and downs." Even though this summer snap might make you want to get a start on your garden, you should probably hold off. We typically don't see our last freeze until the middle of April. "You don't want to plant too many veggies or flowers and expect things to not change," Michael Valk from Evergreen of Johnson City said. "We're going to have a cool spell and we're going to get bit again." So while you take advantage of this t-shirt weather, remember not to hide those winter coats just yet. "March is going to have surprises for us," Correll said. "We'll probably get some last snows, so I don't think winter is over quite yet." Our StormTrack 5 meteorologists tell us we're about six inches behind in snowfall this winter. We usually see ten inches by now and we've only seen four.