Film crew raises awareness about human trafficking during race week


The Bristol Motor Speedway may not seem like the typical venue to talk about human trafficking. That doesn't matter to local actress Anna Swiney, she just wants to get the conversation going. "It's such a huge industry and it's such a terrible thing and many people don't realize its happening so close to them," Swiney said. "It's just such a big deal that we get the word out and let them know that it is happening and it is an issue." You may recognize Swiney. She recently played a role in Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors. Now she's portraying a different part, hoping to end an alarming problem. The film is called Circuit. It hasn't been filmed yet, but the goal is to expose the reality of illegal trafficking. "I had to do a lot of research to try and understand what they really went through and how it really happened," Swiney said. "We all looked like we were being trafficked and there were these big scary men there. That's when it kind of hit me, 'this is how they feel and I need to express this.'" This race weekend members of the film are using the crowds to talk about a story the crew says needs to be told. "This will be one of the first movies that will accurately portray what human trafficking is and how it occurs and so it's really cool to be a part of that," Swiney said. As they spread awareness, they're hoping to get the movie on its feet so they can make a difference. You can stop by the tent at Earhart Campground West to learn more about the film. You can also click here.