Johnson City girl's message in a bottle makes landfall in Florida


Camren Jones, 11, was on vacation with her family last October on Hilton Head Island. Their vacation was cut short, however, by Hurricane Matthew's east coast landfall.

Before evacuating, Camren and her brother Samuel, 9, decided to write messages in Dr. Enuf bottles and throw them into the ocean. Here's where the story gets weird.

Exactly one year (to the day) after Matthew's east coast landfall, Camren's bottled message made landfall in Ponte Vedra, FL.

"Everybody's like 'Oh my gosh' and then some people are like 'What's Dr. Enuf?'" Camren said.

Samuel didn't seem too phased, as the jokester said to us "It doesn't really affect me."

Samuel may not think that this affects him, but it does. We met with Wanda Braswell, the VP Controller of Dr. Enuf, and she says there are some treats on their way to the Jones kids.

"We're going to give her a Dr. Enuf t-shirt and also provide one to her brother," said Braswell. In addition, they will be given some Dr. Enuf drinks.

To this point, we still haven't answered the question of how the bottle traveled nearly 200 miles from Hilton Head Island, SC to Ponte Vedra, FL.

Ricky Matthews and I have both hypothesized that the northerly winds on the western side of Matthew were able to force the bottle to go from north to south. How it did so exactly one year later still blows our minds.

There was one last thing that we needed to give to Camren. When we met with Braswell, she shared with us that all 18 employees at Tri-City Beverage Company answered the questions that Camren wrote on her message.

Maybe you can answer her questions too!

Here they are:

1. What's your best sport?

2. Do you like pickles?

3. What state do you live in?

4. What color do you like best?

5. How old are you?