"Just For Me-Mi Jewelry" Made in the Mountain Empire


A local woman is finding the beauty in antique silverware and turning it into unique items.

In this week's Made in the Mountain Empire, News 5's Jessica Griffith takes us to Gray, Tennessee, where "Just For Me-Mi Jewelry" is created.

To you, this may seem like just a spoon. But to Amy Hicks, she sees a ring.

Three years ago, hicks was working a job where she had to wear a name tag.

"I wanted my lanyard to look a little more dressy, so my husband was like oh that's cool why don't you start making those," Hicks said. She tried out beading first, but found her passion in silver. "I've always had silverware jewelry as a kid and I always liked it so I started doing more research on it." She makes rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and keychains. "This is the I love you. I made that for my dad because my dad is deaf. So the first one I ever made I made for my dad." Her material, vintage silverware she gets online or at antique stores. The oldest is from 1848. She's mindful to not waste her products. Anything she can't use in jewelry, she'll make in a wind chime. Uou can find her products at local fairs and online. "This time of year I'm pretty busy. I'm constantly working on jewelry all the time to keep up And even customize it to include a picture, or a piece of silverware from a loved one. "They don't want to polish it. They don't have the big dinners that they used to so a lot of times they'll have me make the jewelry out of the pieces and give them out to family members," she said. So no two pieces are alike. "I love to create. I'm constantly looking for different things I can do with silverware," Hicks said.

You can view their Facebook page here.