Kids from Marion and Bristol play in a Challenger league tournament


It's a first for many kids our region Saturday. Kids with special needs from different towns played baseball against each another.

We first told you about bristol, virginia's new Challenger league last month.

It gives kids with special needs a chance to play ball on an organized team.

Saturday was the first ever district one Challenger tournament with a matchup of Bristol versus Marion.

Marion has had a league for 3 years, but officials with their team say this is their first away game they've ever had.

"It's important for these kids to not just be able to meet other children that have the same needs, just to be able to come out and have fellowship and have people that have the same agenda come out and play baseball and have fun," Eric Jenkins, with the Bristol, VA league said.

"A lot of times our kids haven't had the same opportunities as maybe students that play on travel team, so this is kind of their travel game," Mike Robinson, with the Marion league said.

The Bristol Challenger League will have a few more games until this season ends.

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