Local paramedic returns after working three hurricanes in 2017


Today, November 30 th , marks the end of the Atlantic hurricane season. You can almost hear coastal residents breathe a collective sigh, and with good reason.

17 named storms later, some areas are still recovering from storms that hit in August and September. Local paramedic, Laura Fine, visited Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico after Harvey, Irma and Maria. She is part of the Tennessee Disaster Medical Assistance Team.

Fine says that she's "always had a desire to help people," and that "This is how you can help somebody the most in one of the worst times in their life."

In a one-on-one interview with News 5, Fine told us about a man who nearly lost a finger due to an iguana bite in Puerto Rico after Maria. Aside from that, they treated snake bites, the common cold, the flu and even pneumonia.

The entire time that her team was in Puerto Rico, they were running on generators. This was weeks after Maria nearly wiped out the island.

While Fine says that the people are very resilient, she says that they also are still in need of help in all the hurricane-hit areas.

For ways to still help, click here.

We have more pictures from Fine's deployments shown in this photo gallery.

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