Local people offering shelter and care to pets impacted by hurricanes


Our region has offered places to stay for people seeking safety from Hurricane Harvey and Irma, but what about their pets?

Thousands of pets are thought to be displaced or missing.

"I just can't imagine having to leave and not taking my animals with me," Nancy Wade said. She is offering her home and property in Johnson City to anyone who needs a place for their animals. The offer extends to more than just dogs and cats.

"It truly is an issue how do you protect all of your animals? Not just the ones you can fit in the car and get away with," she said.

She's welcoming any farm animals, plus has guest house for people in need.

"It's always a concern what I would do if I had to evacuate somewhere and I don't want people to think that they have to abandon their animals," Wade said.

Several other places are also offering animal boarding for evacuees.

Cherry Point Animal Hospital in Kingsport has already provided shelter and care at a discount for as many as 10 dogs of evacuees who've come through in need.

"I think it gives them peace of mind. It lets them know that while they have the stress and strife of everything going on. It actually allows them to be able to take their mind off pet care to devote it to whatever is needed," veterinary technician Crystal Cox said.

Because natural disasters also impact animals.

"Displaced from their homes, it changes their environments their food habits, their outdoor habits," owner Andy Cherry said.

If you're an evacuee and need a place to keep your animals, you can contact Nancy at 423-483-6557. You can contact Cherry Point at 423-279-9996.

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