Made in the Mountain Empire: Appalachian Reclaimed


Giving new life to local structures. That's the goal for Appalachian Reclaimed.

In this week's Made in the Mountain empire, News 5's Jessica Griffith shows us how the company aims to stay local.

This piece of cherry wood from Brumley Gap is being repurposed into a table.

"Every bit of wood we use in our products are all from us which really helps tie in the whole area," Hunter Dannhardt said.

Dannhardt and Max Morris aim to preserve Appalachian history by tearing down old barns, cabins and other local structures. "So you can have that whole story tied in behind it," he said. They make custom furniture, and even do flooring and wall art. Another goal is to sell their products locally.

"We're strongly rooted in the area and we like to keep everything here keep the money here and keep the product here," Morris said. "We don't want neighbor over here to go buy a big chain when they can get a better product right here from local boys," Dannhardt said. The work that goes into this table involves cutting, sanding it down and staining it, until each piece is exactly how their customers want it created. "Every piece has a story to it it's not just hey I went to Lowe's and bought some two by sixes," Dannhard said. Many of their customers have an old barn and have a hard time thinking of tearing it down. But, when Appalachian Reclaimed gets their hands on it, they turn it into something they say can last a lifetime. "Local business is really where America started," Morris said. You can get a piece of their furniture by ordering online or by visiting Mercantile on State in Bristol.

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