Much-needed rain breaks 23 day dry spell


The rain Sunday broke one of the longest dry spells ever recorded in the Tri-Cities area.

The lack of water created problems for many people. Some noticed their yards drying out.

"We've been noticing a lot more spots in there that have been dry," Denise Miracle said. "We've been trying to water it."

Meteorologist Chris Michaels says we should get enough water to saturate the ground.

"1 to 3 inches probably isn't enough to cause major flooding, just because of how dry we've been, but still something that warrants attention," Michaels said.

The Tri-Cities hasn't gone this long without rain in 16 years.

"This was actually tied for the third longest dry spell on record in the Tri-Cities. Our records go back to 1938, but we went 23 straight days without any rain, and if we went any longer it was going to be even more of a concern. We were heading straight for a drought."

Dry spells like this can increase the risk of brush fires. Some people also had more severe allergies. Michaels says that's because the air has less moisture.

"When it's warm and typically when it's dry the air is less dense, and that allows pollen to travel a little bit more. When you have rain it kind of soaks up the pollen particles."