Remember when a foot of snow fell in April?


While we've certainly seen our fair share of early April light snow over the years, a huge snowstorm is pretty uncommon. But it has happened...

On April 2-5th, 1987, a massive storm system impacted our region, dropping over a foot of snow in many locations. The snow began on April 2nd across eastern KY and southwest VA with a few inches accumulating overnight. On April 3rd, 10" of snow was recorded at the Tri-Cities airport! A second surge of moisture over the weekend brought more snow, adding to the previous snow totals.

With gusty winds, snow drifts in part of Letcher County, KY reached 10 feet! Yes, feet!

Here's some of the crazy storm total snowfall accumulations:

J Flannagan Lake (Dickenson Co, VA) 36.0" Wise 3E (Wise County, VA) 29.8" North Fork Late (Wise County, VA) 27.0" Pennington Gap (Lee County,VA) 13.0" Tri-Cities Airport 14.8"

More information on the NWS Jackson Storm Report Page. I've attached some maps from the page below.

Satellite imagery from April 5th as the storm was winding down:

500mb Chart- Cutoff low over WV supplying cold air to our region:

Surface Map for April 5th. Image from NWS Jackson:

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