Sister of suspect, victim in Chilhowie double homicide says there's more to story


A shocking end to a tragic crime in Southwest Virginia. A couple killed, their accused murderer taking his own life, and a family now grieving. In just a matter of days, Diane Link, tragically lost 3 family members from violence. Her brother, John Able, was accused of killing their sister, Debora Hargrove and her husband, Jerry. Wednesday night, Able turned a gun on himself. Link opened up to News 5. She told us she has a lot of unanswered questions. "I'm hurt, I'm angry and I'm upset because I don't really know what happened and what really has taken place in this situation other than I've lost a brother and a sister," Link said. Able had been living with Debora and Jerry at their Chilhowie home. Link tells us he was depressed and going through a hard time, but murder is out of his character. "He is not a murderer," Link told us. "In my heart I don't believe he is. I just want some closure to what has really happened, the truth." Link wants to get to the bottom of this tragedy. She's searching for why and how it happened. Her brother left behind a lengthy note. She hopes it will bring her some closure. "It's just so hard because I know the public is looking down on the family," Link said. "It's just so heartbreaking and I just don't want people to think this because I don't believe that's what really happened." The Washington County, Virginia Sheriff's Office is still looking into the case. They'll be analyzing the note left behind to get to the bottom of what happened.