Hurricane Nate to make landfall as a Category 2 storm


We are now on the 14 th named storm and 9th hurricane of the Atlantic tropical season, with Hurricane Nate poised to make landfall on the Central Gulf Coast Saturday night.

After it comes on land, though, it weakens. It will still be able to draw in enough moisture, as a tropical depression by the time it gets close to us. This will provide us with much-needed rain, after going three weeks without it!

Periods of rain start Sunday, with the heaviest rain coming in mainly after 11 p.m. Sunday and before noon on Monday.

Rain totals look to be anywhere from 1.5-3.0" in the Tri-Cities and surrounding valleys and 2.5-5" in the KY/VA and TN/NC mountains between Sunday and Tuesday.

It would take a lot of rain for us to see any widespread flash flooding. (The graphic below shows how much rain would be needed for flooding to occur.)

While flooding isn't a major threat, we may see a couple of reports area wide Sunday night into Monday morning.

In addition to rain, we also have to watch the wind gusts Sunday night into Monday morning, as what's left of Nate passes through the region.

Gusts may exceed 30 mph in the valleys and 40 mph in the mountains. That may mean some sporadic power outages and/or downed trees. We don't see this being a widespread issue, either, but still something to be mindful of moving forward.

For the forecast beyond Nate, click here.

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