Tri-cities thunder playing hard, raising awareness


As some of the biggest names in football squared off in the Super Bowl, a team from the Tri-Cities is trying to spread awareness about their squad. The Tri-Cities Thunder is an all women's tackle football team that aren't afraid to put on the pads, do a little hitting, and show everyone they're just as tough as the guys. "It's so gratifying to be able to get out here and be able to do something that you've always been told you can't do your whole life," team member Andrea Werner said. There are around 4,000 women in the United States who play competitive tackle football, but the players tell us they rarely get the recognition they deserve. Unlike men, there's no paid professional league and it comes at a cost. "Majority of them have a family, have a career, and they're busting their tail to be in best football shape they can," team member Jennifer Johnson said. "It's ongoing work, non-stop." For the players, they say it's worth it. "When you have the passion for something, that's what you do," Werner said. With every hit, they get right back up, showing the world football isn't just a men's sport. "The phrase is, anything men can do, women can do better," team member Dawn Lamma-Owens said. Right now there are around 20 girls on the team, but they're always looking for new players. If you're interested in joining, or helping out, click here. The Tri-Cities Thunder's first game is on April 8. You can watch them play at Tennessee High.

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