Unique scavenger hunt has community "rocking"


If you walk or hike through the Town of Damascus, chances are you're going to find a lot of carefully decorated rocks. "It's creative and bringing people together with color and life and nature," Katie Lamb, who helped organize the idea, said. "It has just really been an amazing community project." Lamb decorated the first rock and now it's become a game for the entire town and visiting hikers. You can paint, hide, re-hide, even hold on to a couple of rocks you really like. "It's fun and it's relaxing," Becky Eller, who was out looking for rocks, said. "We just get excited because we found one." People of all ages are getting out every day to find the treasures. Mary Huffman hadn't even walked for quite a few years, but that all changed when this started a couple months ago. "I'm up to about a mile and a half or two miles a day," Huffman said. It's more than just a scavenger hunt, it's a way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, exercise, and meet people in the community. It has attracted tourists too. One family even drove 3 hours for their kids to find rocks. "We're known as the friendliest town on the trail," Holly Morrow, who helped organize the idea, said. "It really gets people out on the Appalachian Trail and the Creeper Trail and into the Town of Damascus and a lot of our little businesses that we have now." The hope is for other communities to see this and start their own program. The group is also holding a rock painting contest for the Trail Days Festival. Rocks need to be submitted May 19th between 12pm-4pm at Missing Pieces in Damascus, VA. The address is 106 West Laurel Avenue. You can join the group on Facebook by clicking here.