Iowa students disciplined after wearing hoods, burning cross


A southern Iowa high school says it has disciplined several students who appeared in a photo on social media wearing white hoods and waving a Confederate flag next to a burning cross. At least one of the five people pictured is holding what appears to be a gun. Creston Community High School Assistant Principal Jeff Bevins first told the Creston News Advertiser that the school became aware of the photo early Wednesday morning. Principal Bill Messerole told The Associated Press that the students involved have been disciplined, but would not say what that discipline entailed, citing student confidentiality. Messerole said school officials met with the students, but declined to comment on what was discussed. The photo, Messerole said, was not taken on school grounds. Creston is a city of more than 7,800 about 70 miles (112.65 kilometers) south of Des Moines.

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