UPDATE: French tabloid loses court battle over Kate Middleton photos

Kate Middleton smiles during the visit to Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.

The office of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge says the British royal couple is pleased a French court ruled in their favor in a lawsuit over topless photographs of the former Kate Middleton sunbathing. Kensington Palace said in a statement Tuesday that the matter is now closed. The palace says the royals believed the publication of the photos amounted to a serious "breach of privacy" and that legal action should be pursued. The duchess and her husband, Prince William, "wished to make the point strongly that this kind of unjustified intrusion should not happen." The court in a Paris suburb ruled Tuesday that three photographers and three newspaper executives invaded Kate's privacy by taking and publishing the photos. The timing of the ruling had particular resonance in Britain. Last week marked the 20th anniversary of the death of William's mother, Princess Diana, who was being pursued by paparazzi before the car accident in which she was killed.

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