WATCH: Opponents let autistic football player have time to shine with TD

(PHOTO: Members of the Clay County Panther C team display sportsmanship as they gave a Ravenswood player who is autistic, shown heading down field at right, a chance to score a touchdown. (M.Samples / WCHS / Facebook)

Sportsmanship is alive and well in Clay County, West Virginia.

Members of the Clay County Panther C team recently gave a player from Ravenswood who has autism, Jace Alderman, a chance to score a touchdown, according to a report from our sister station WCHS.

"Clay County Panther C team could have had a shutout today, but instead our boys and coaches opted to show what true sportsmanship is all about," said a Facebook post from Meagan Samples that shows a video of the player scoring the touchdown.

Samples said she was so moved by the video that she had chills while she was typing the message.

"This hits so deeply and so close to home. This player from Ravenswood is autistic, and our boys let him have his shining moment. Panther strong and Clay County proud," Samples wrote.

The video shows the Ravenswood players hand the boy the ball and the Clay players let him run untouched down the field.

"Come on buddy, go!" a woman can be heard saying in the video as the boy heads for the touchdown.

The crowd cheers loudly when he scores.

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